Bside K-Indies Series B333 Vol.5

韓国の実力派アーティストを紹介する音楽レーベルBsideのK-Indies Series第5弾!

前作に続く韓国の女性SSW特集! FROMM / CHEEZE / Choi Jungyoon 3組のHMVアナログ7インチレコードが2021年7月28日に発売されます。




[Bside K-Indies Series B333 Vol.5]
The fifth edition of the K-Indies Series by Bside, a music label that introduces talented Korean artists!

Korean Female Singer-songwriter Special! The HMV Analog 7inch Vinyl from FROMM / CHEEZE / Choi Jungyoon, the 3 hottest artists in Korea's indie scene will be released on 28, July 2021.

This JP limited edition Vinyl is pre-order now and available online purchase from overseas.